{You and Me & Baby makes 3} | Utah Family Photographer

So when I started this blog - it was meant to be a temporary place until I had my website up and running - so as such I have treated it more like a website than a blog that I regularly update (obviously).
I am excited that my website is almost complete, as it has been taking up much of my previous "blogging" time. I do have a bunch of fun stuff to share - so I am going to try to post it over the next few days! I want to give a HUGE thank you to all the great people I met this past month and for the fond memories while photographing your children, families, and graduates. I feel like the lucky one - to have let me share a part of who you are. That more that anything else is what makes this job so fulfilling.

This is the cutest little family. I did a shoot of their daughter when she was a newborn and it was just so much fun to watch her mom and dad dote on her while we snapped away.